11" x 8" tempered glass cutting board.


The unique decoration process with these allows for durable printing that will not be marred or scratched when used as a cutting surface.


Glass cutting boards make excellent preparation surfaces and are more sanitary than plastic or wood surfaces.


**Please note, theycan quickly dull knife blades if used for cutting.



*If the monogram is for just one person, the first letter of the first name goes first, the first letter of the last name is in the middle and the first letter of the middle name is last

*If the monogram is for a married couple, the first letter of the wive's name goes first, the first letter of the married last name is in the middle and the first letter of the husband's name is last



11" x 8" Moroccan with a Scalloped Circle Monogram Cutting Board

Moroccan Design Blanket Background Color
Band Accent Color
Base Color for Personalization
First Letter
Middle Letter
Last Letter
  • Returns are not accepted unless blanket arrives damaged or not as ordered. Any return request for damaged or blankets not as ordered must be made by e-mail to scoopsdesigns@gmail.com within 24 hours of receiving blanket.


    Cancellations will be accepted wihin three (3) hours after order. However, a cancellation made thereafter may be accepted if the banket has not gone into production as of that time.

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