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Hi. My name is Sharon and I am the owner and chief designer at SCOOPS Designs. I am a mother of four boys and live in Parkland, Fl. I left my job as an Assistant State Attorney in 2003 when my second son was born. Shortly thereafter, I spent six years teaching law which I enjoyed a lot but had to stop when my twins were born in 2010. Five years ago I started a business that I named "Sharon's Shop" where I sold products other people designed. As a creative person who had so many ideas, I became very frustrated quickly, as I had my own ideas for designs that I wanted to put on the products I sold. So, I read some books and watched many You Tube videos to learn how to use computer designing software, and created relationships with printing companies to print the designs I created on products that I loved. Suddenly I transformed from just a store that sold products to a brand that sold my uniquely created designs on a variety of products.  I then changed the name of my business to SCOOPS Designs. The "S" is for Sharon, "COOPS" is the nickname given to my teenaged boys from their friends. Put it together, and we have SCOOPS! My now 17 year old son was 12 years old when SCOOPS began, and he sat right beside me and helped me create one of my first designs - a sports emojis design that was an instant hit. After our most successful holiday season in 2017, my older boys' school suffered a horrible tragedy. On February 14, 2018, a shooter entered my boys' high school, Marjory Stoneman High School, and killed 14 students and 3 staff members and injured 17 other students. My boys lost good friends that day and had a very hard time coping with it all. I was therefore forced to take a break from SCOOPS Designs in order to help my boys . Now, over two years later, my boys are thankfully

doing great. My oldest son is in college and my second oldest is a senior in high school. My twins are in fourth grade and doing very well also. SO, I am now ready and able to get back to my love of designing, creating and selling products that I love! I truly love creating designs and especially love bringing ideas of my customers to life. If you do not see a design that you like or that works for you, on our website, reach out to me and I will create whatever you have in  mind! Thanks for visiting SCOOPS Designs! We look forward to working with you!



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