All profits from our MSD Love Collection will benefit the survivors of the MSD Tragedy to obtain theraoy and/or counseling in order to heal from this horrific event.


The owner of SCOOPS Designs, Sharon Cooper is a Parkland resident who has four sons that attend school in Parkland. Sharon's two oldest sons are students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Sharon's son Sammy is a 9th grade student at MSD. His class was in the building right next to the "Freshman Building" aka the "1200 building". When the fire alarm went off, his class walked outside and Sammy saw the shooter open fire. Some of his classmates ran. Sammy, his teacher and the remaning students went back inside the classroom and hid in a stroage closet for over two hours. Inside this closet they heard all the very loud gun shots and feared for their lives.  Sammy was lucky to survive, however he lost many friends that he grew up with. Alex and Luke were two of his best friends. He sat next to Alyssa in his 6th period class, and next to Luke in his 3rd and 5th period classes. He went to hebrew school with and attended the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs of Jaime, Alex and Alyssa. Jaime, Alyssa, Luke, and Alex were all at his Bar Mitzvah. He played rec sports with all of them over the years. He and Luke guarded one another in this year's rec basketball league. He and Alyssa played soccer on their middle school team. The weekend after 2/14/18, Sharon and her husband took Sammy to the funerals of these four friends, two on Saturday. Sammy went to his first open casket memorial where he saw one of his best friend's, Luke, dead in a casket. The trauma of that day and the loss of four friends to murder has been devasting to Sammy, his friends and his classmates. Sammy and his friends have desperately needed therapy and counseling, and will require it for a long time. Sharon's family is fortunate to have the resources to provide this for her son. She wants to make sure everyone that needs therapy and/or counseling is also able to obtain it. Therefore, all the profits from the "MSD Love" collection will be donated to the survivors in need of this.










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